Case Studies

Leverage the success of our experience.

Key Results

  • Simplified planning
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced Costs

VMWare Case Study

We recently completed an Enterprise License Agreement with VMware for a major consumer of compute resources in San Diego. This customer has an environment that is in constant change because they rotate compute resources in and out of their compute farm regularly. This rotation caused their VMware license and support costs to fluctuate making forward planning difficult.

We crafted and executed an Enterprise License Agreement that offered this customer license and support savings over a four year period by fixing their costs at a level below their current spend for the term of the agreement. The customer now has maximum flexibility in their environment and confidence that they know their license and support costs over a 4 year period allowing more accurate financial planning as well as the flexibility to develop new services for their customers without worrying about incremental IT costs.

Key Results

  • Improved security
  • Increased efficiency and scalability
  • Reduced Costs

Private Cloud/EMC Isilon Case Study

A major life sciences institution had a problem protecting their most valuable asset – the output from their researchers. The IT environment is very distributed – each of the 100 + labs had their own storage, from laptops and dedicated arrays to cloud storage, for their research. After expensive data loss, the institute decided to offer an internal archival service with pricing competitive with external cloud options.

We deployed Isilon scale-out NAS arrays in their main facilities (East and West Coasts) and used their WAN for each site to back up the other. Because of Isilon’s storage efficiencies, particularly as it scales, we were able to offer an service competitive in terms of price and superior in functionality to the researchers and have enabled the institute to both save money and preserve their research by offering a managed archival option.