Network Security

Is your network complex? Did you know complexity is IT security’s worst enemy? EVOTEK’s network security professionals can help your organization improve its network security posture and protect your data from internal and external threats.

A constant struggle within the Enterprise is the need to ensure effective safeguards are consistently applied to protect sensitive information. Increasingly, applications have become more advanced and users expect to be able to work from anywhere, at any time.  Inconsistencies in security posture are often attributable to variations in security products, support tools, and security practices.  The end result is your Data is at risk from various sources such as user errors, malicious and non-malicious attacks.  Once attackers can gain access to your systems they can disrupt services, render systems useless and alter, delete, or steal information.  But a well-planned defense and in depth strategy will mitigate or significantly reduce the risk. This begins by significantly reducing the attack surface.

Please download the following PDF to see how to get started. Infrastructure-Security-Assessment.pdf (108 downloads)

Next generation firewalls are an emerging technology incorporating intrusion prevention and detection features into the firewall.   These sophisticated devices protect your organization from advanced threats by performing deep packet inspection and making more granular access decisions based on the full packet payload.