AIOps has evolved out of the research lab and into the line of the business. Enterprises have a lot to gain with the power of effective AIOps.

AIOps isn’t a buzz…anymore!

EVOTEK is leading the way for our customers to bring AIOps to every layer of their business, from predicting customer intent, modernizing fraud detection or unlocking new revenue streams from troves of data. Running in the lab isn’t enough! AIOps needs to be in production – making every business function more efficient, every product better and every customer relationship more meaningful.

AIOps Offerings

  • Modernize predictive capabilities
  • Leverage AIOps in production
  • Leverage AIOps at Scale
  • Pre-trained deep learning models for operational data prediction
  • Off-the-shelf monitoring of data sources
  • Augment operations with deep learning capabilities

We've been there.