The Case for Security Automation

TEKnically Speaking – Automation, Part 3 We live in an inordinately distracting world. Applications we use both professionally and personally clammer for our attention. Every new email, Tweet, post, chat, or message comes with its unique chime calling us. Our professional lives blur into our personal lives with our smart phones functioning as a mini-office […]

Toward a More Modern Security Architecture

We are blessed to live in interesting times. CISOs today are witnessing unprecedented change within their security programs, the techniques and tooling employed by the adversaries we confront, and the evolution of our security architectures. Historically, security architectures overwhelming focused on point solutions primarily related to network perimeter and endpoint defenses. Too frequently, however, these […]

Slow Down to Speed Up: Why a Security Program Assessment is Key to Surviving a Crisis

When I was a research director working with Gartner’s security and risk management practice, as part of the analyst role I had the opportunity to speak with numerous CISOs and other security and risk management leaders from around the globe. Whether these leaders were from Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America, Canada, or here in the […]

How Does the Current Tension with Iran Impact my Security Program?

Security programs never operate in a vacuum, nor are they isolated from external or internal events. Too frequently, however, security leaders are blindsided by events that are fundamentally out of their control. Their organization acquires a new company, and security is asked to provide due diligence after the fact. Marketing launches a new program that collects […]

Who Would Have Ever Thought That Tutus Were Integral to Cybersecurity?

January 17th marked EVOTEK’s inaugural Security Summit. Held at the beautiful L’Auberge Del Mar, the Summit featured three important tracks that offered participants the opportunity to share best practices and collaborate with fellow security leaders and practitioners across domains that include application security, security operations, data governance & the role of security leadership. Chris Roberts, Chief […]

Is there too much choice in cybersecurity?

With Black Hat and DEF CON coming up and this year’s RSA Conference and Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit completed, I wanted to reflect on an odd dynamic we face in security, one made all the more poignant for CISOs who have walked the exhibit halls of these conferences. We have an abundance of […]