EVOTEK Expands Cybersecurity Presence in Denver, Adds Matt Shufeldt as Chief Information Security Officer | Executive Advisor

EVOTEK (www.evotek.com), the nation’s premier enabler of digital business, announced today that it has appointed Matt Shufeldt as CISO and Executive Advisor, to lead the cybersecurity expansion into the Denver market.

“Cyber threats are of the most important risks our customers must consider and protect against to ensure the longevity of their business,” said Jeff Klenner, President of EVOTEK. “We have been deliberate on how we have selected the CISO | Executive Advisors to join our team. I am excited to have Matt lead our efforts to drive security posture improvement in Denver.”

With over 25 years in technology and as a multi-industry CISO, Shufeldt brings decades of practical experience building and operating security programs. He formerly served as a CISO at both Cognizant Healthcare and Sports Authority, and has years leading teams. He was the inaugural winner of the CTA APEX CISO of the Year award in 2017 and is a board member for the Denver OWASP chapter.

“Matt’s experience complements our team perfectly,” said Macy Dennis, EVOTEK Chief Security Officer. “EVOTEK’s commitment to adding executive level cybersecurity practitioners is a unique differentiator in the Denver market.”

Founded in 2014, EVOTEK is purpose-built to assist enterprise customers with the changing IT landscape. EVOTEK is unique in its ability to support the hybrid space between traditional IT and a secure multi-cloud. EVOTEK’s Cybersecurity Practice is the fastest growing business at EVOTEK, with focuses on security advisory services, security architecture assessments, security program development, incident response, penetration testing, and vulnerability management services. “I joined EVOTEK in January to serve the massive customer demand for high quality cybersecurity advisory services. Matt is joining us at the perfect time,” said Susan Bullwinkle, Regional Vice President at EVOTEK.

“Denver’s security community is one of the healthiest, most driven and collaborative in the country,” said Shufeldt. “Denver’s clients are smart, driven and forward looking. EVOTEK has the right approach to create lasting customer relationships built on expertise, trust and successful outcomes.”