EVOTEK Launches ‘Be Resilient’ Program to Pandemic-Impacted Healthcare and Government IT Teams

IT teams supporting front-line workers are invited to apply for this assessment program before Dec. 31, 2020

SAN DIEGO, October 20, 2020 — EVOTEK (www.evotek.com), a digital innovator of technology solutions, has created a mechanism to support the overly strained healthcare and government IT infrastructure systems with the launch of their “Be Resilient” program.

“Most front-line workers within the healthcare system and state and local governments don’t see what goes on behind the scenes to make the technology work, but they do feel the pain when it doesn’t,” says Macy Dennis, CISO, Executive Advisor at EVOTEK. “It truly becomes a matter of life and death when critical technology doesn’t deliver when it’s needed.”

EVOTEK believes in creativity, consistency and continuity to maintain a framework that can be resilient and compliant with the increased demands on infrastructure. Connections are more than networks and wires as they are what enable businesses, communities and people to grow and prosper.

“With everything happening in the world today, we believe that bringing more insight to the market and sharing our expertise and technology provides more safety and less downtime for vital systems,” says Jeff Klenner, President at EVOTEK. “This pandemic has only reinforced the criticality of IT infrastructure and validated the need for us to act now.”

IT teams that get selected for this new program will be paired with an executive advisor that will conduct the initial workshop and work in concert to ensure they and their constituents are prepared to not only survive the current environment but thrive in it.

For more information about the “Be Resilient” program and to submit a request for help, visit www.evotek.com/resiliency.