EVOTEK to Double Down on Customer Experience, Adds Mike Mayo as Vice President of Marketing

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 17, 2021) – EVOTEK (www.evotek.com), the premier enabler of secure digital business, announced today that marketing and branding executive Mike Mayo has joined the company as the Vice President of Marketing. Mayo brings vast experience in developing brands and enabling businesses to scale. EVOTEK has a strong commitment to driving world-class customer experiences and all aspects of Marketing.

“Mike brings a unique strength in binding teams together while creating a cohesive experience for employees, customers, and partners,” said Jeff Klenner, President of EVOTEK. “We are excited to have Mike lead our Marketing efforts to deliver on our brand promise of being the premier secure digital business enabler.”

Based in Southern California, Mayo has led marketing and branding teams at both client-side enterprises as well as agencies;  both heavily focused on technology-driven digital marketing efforts. In addition, he was responsible for leading Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) initiatives while developing unified messaging across several areas of the business.

“EVOTEK has the foundation of a remarkable brand. Creating a more human-to-human interaction is top of mind for our leadership team,” said Chris Hemming, Brand Ambassador at EVOTEK. “I am the megaphone for the unified message, and we now have Mike to amplify the communication on our company’s initiatives.”

Founded in 2014, EVOTEK is purpose-built to assist enterprise customers with the changing IT landscape helping businesses find innovative ways to thrive in a digital world. Over the years, the company has distinguished itself as a market leader, earning many awards for culture, innovation, and growth. During the pandemic, the company experienced 76% YOY growth based on its ability to support customers with their work from home initiatives, secure access to applications and overall cybersecurity program posture. With Mayo’s appointment, EVOTEK will continue expanding its position in the market and elevate its brand.

“I look forward to working with the amazing team at EVOTEK,” said Mike Mayo. “By driving a consistent and simplified experience, our customers and employees will truly connect with our brand, placing EVOTEK is in a unique position to bring that connection to new heights.”