The Blind Spots of IT Infrastructure and your Security Framework

The shift to remote work has strained more than your family and a few IT systems.  Attackers know this and are focused on how to get to you and your employees.  They know that while working remote most employees are now more vulnerable than ever.  They are relying on home routers provided by the home internet provider and possible vulnerable machines that are sitting on the same home network.

Our analyst continues to monitor the level of cyber-attacks globally and reports from both agency and industry data are showing huge increases in attacks especially around Ransomware attacks and extorsion.  They continue to threaten the safety and security of companies, being resilient is more important now than ever. However, before your company can truly become resilient, there are a few things that need to happen, and the process begins with identifying and addressing blind spots in your IT infrastructure, processes, and security framework.

Defining Resiliency

Unfortunately, there is no one universally agreed-upon definition of what it means for a company to be resilient. There is no silver bullet that you can buy to protect your company.   We all wish there was. However, most security organizations agree that being resilient includes ensuring that both the technical and business sides of a security program are addressed and that avoiding silos is critical. With this the team and organization need to be flexible but safe.

Being resilient depends on collaboration, so information needs to be shared easily between all relevant stakeholders. Without collaboration, organizations risk creating blind spots in their security defenses and leaving themselves vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.  This is where the security team needs to be in full collaboration with all parts of the business. The Security teams’ goal and charter is to support the business in an efficient and secure manner.

Achieving Resiliency: Identifying & Eliminating Blind Spots

Every organization is different, with different needs and IT configurations, so you will need to adjust your strategy accordingly. However, every strategy depends on high-quality products combined with the knowledge gained via a Security Program Assessment (SPA). By working with our Executive Advisory team, you can gain a thorough understanding of your current security posture. From there, our team will help you identify gaps and blind spots and create a tailored solution designed to prevent siloing and promote collaboration and communication across your entire organization.

Our team works with you to create a tailored, adaptable solution and reference architecture designed to suit your needs. We do this by working closely with your team to identify areas of concern and gain a thorough understanding of your objectives. We then create a custom security roadmap based on proven methodologies that have been honed by decades of experience. The roadmap provides gaps and recommendations for the organization including people, process, and technology.

We’re committed to finding solutions that work for you, not pushing pre-determines solutions. As such, our team is able work with your team to create solid requirements to create measurable results and drive predictable outcomes. We think of ourselves as the glue in the middle, the value-added translator between your goals and the technology stack that will allow you to achieve them.

How Our SPA Works

To determine if your organization requires a SPA, you should begin by answering these self-evaluation questions:

  • How does our organization currently evaluate its security program?
  • How do we ensure that our security program is adequately aligned to the organization’s broader strategic initiatives and goals?
  • Are there security initiatives that are currently stalled, and, if so, why?
  • Does our security program currently meet our broader risk tolerance objectives?
  • Do you have a true industry-based Risk Register that is updated regularly?
  • Do you have a Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) program to help measure current and active risk?
  • Do you have controls and a process in place to respond to Ransomware?

The answers to these questions can help you gain insight into the resiliency of your current security posture. Next, our team will begin evaluating all areas and aspects of your current security program and identify any current blind spots or other potential issues. The assessment covers both the technical and governance areas and is broken down into four broad categories of analysis and evaluation:

  • Security Alignment
  • Security Governance liaise
  • Security Administration
  • Security Architecture

Healthcare & Government: How Your Organization can “Be Resilient”

With healthcare facilities as well as state and local governments feeling the strain of the pandemic, and facing staff and budgeting shortages, investing in your IT infrastructure may be the last thing on your mind. However, the pandemic has strained many IT systems to capacity as organizations work to adapt to address expanding needs.

To help support healthcare providers and state and local governments, we have launched our “Be Resilient” program, which offers in-depth assessments to these institutions. These assessments look at the organization’s security, technical, and business models so governmental and healthcare organizations can gain the insight they need to create a roadmap that allows them to ensure they remain resilient and compliant into 2021 and continue to serve their communities. Investing in your IT infrastructure and Security program helps ensure that critical systems experience less downtime, a vital step when Americans are relying on their healthcare providers and state and local governments more than ever.

Knowing how secure your organization is right now and taking steps to address any concerns helps your team safeguard your digital assets and infrastructure.

Get started on your SPA today.

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