Focusing on the adjacencies.

Between technology and transformation there are those that make it happen. EVOTEK prides itself on culture and the people that make transformation possible.

The EVOTEK Difference

EVOTEK provides solutions that span technical and business domains. By working in cooperation with the business and IT we facilitate alignment, reduce dependence on functional silos and concentrate on our customer’s business objectives instead of internal politics.

Advisory Services

Providing real-world executive guidance to help our customers make strategic plans and optimize their use of technology.


Developing and implementing technical solutions that drive and improve business process, operations, and user experience.


Planning, design and management of the infrastructure and systems that support our customer’s objectives.

Strategic Sourcing

Aligning customers and vendors to find optimal economic and contractual outcomes that support our customer’s requirements.

Advisory Services

Multi-Time Executive Practitioners providing oversight, mentorship, and expert execution.

Strategic Sourcing

Driving down the cost of technology acquisition.

Technology Solutions

Experienced practitioners provided well architected and engineered solutions.

Core Technical Domains

Our integrated technical domains provide a cohesive approach to digital initiatives while driving business impact. EVOTEK provides a clear path for clients looking to bring their various teams together to execute an integrated solution with Security at the core. 

Our team has been down that road.