Data Center

Data Center

Any Architecture, Any Vendor, Any Challenge

After years of deploying custom hardware and static operational models, traditional data centers carry enormous technical debt. Innovation and automation must be at the heart of a next-generation data center.


EVOTEK’s Data Center practice offers expertise in architecture, design and deployment of environments based on workload demand. With the movement towards software defined, automation and orchestration must be key to a next-generation data center.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Network
  • Assess, Design, Implement, Validate
  • Network Security
  • Network Automation
  • Software Defined Networking
Enterprise Compute
  • Converged, hyper-converged systems
  • Embedded Security
  • Server Automation
  • Software Defined
Enterprise Storage
  • Architecture & Design
  • Storage Automation
  • Tiered Storage
  • Software Defined Storage
Enterprise Data Protection
  • Architecture & Design
  • Next-generation Data Protection
  • Archiving
  • Disaster Recovery