2024 SD Golf Tournament
July 29, 2024
8:00 am
- 6:00 pm

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Event Details

Venue: Fairbanks Ranch Country Club 15200 San Dieguito Rd. Rancho Santa Fe, CA 9206

Theme: 1960’s Palm Royale

Attire: Sponsors, players, and spectators are all encouraged to wear 1960’s athletic attire for the festivities. Retro golf clothing such as summer knits and vintage polos will capture the spirit of the event.

Weather: This event will be outdoors in late July. 
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All Golfers & Attendees must register for the event.

Full Event Agenda

*7:30AM – 10:00AM*AM Sponsor Check-In &  Setup (Lux Swag, 1960’s Swag, Clinic, Hole, Beverage Cart , Lunch, & AM Reception Sponsors)
8:00AM – 10:00 AMEarly Bird Check-In
 Women’s Golf Clinic
 Pro Golf Clinic
9:00AM – 10:30 AMGeneral Check-In
 Cigar & Cocktail Bar
 *Hole Sponsors should be setup by 10:30 AM
11:00 AM – 3:30 PM*Lux Swag, 1960’s Swag, Clinic, & AM Reception Sponsors Breakdown
 Shotgun Start
 18-Hole Golf
 Lunch Served on the Course
*2:30 – 3:30 PM*PM Reception Sponsors Setup (PM Reception Sponsor, Prize Presenting Sponsor)
*3:00 – 4:00 PM* Hole Sponsors, Beverage Cart, Lunch Sponsors Breakdown
3:30 PM – 6:00 PMDinner Reception
 New Scholar Induction
 Silent Auction + MORE!
*6:00 – 8:00 PM*PM Sponsors & Overall Event Breakdown

Please Note: Sponsors will not be permitted to enter / setup the venue before 7:30am. We have made arrangements with the venue around this schedule so that we can work together to host this event. We appreciate your cooperation in advance!

Shipping Details


Fairbanks Ranch Country Club
ATTN: [Enter Company Name] C/O EVOTEK EVENT

Sponsors that need to ship swag / marketing materials should send their packages within 10 calendar days to Fairbanks. 

Pro Tip: Have a return label / PDF created when you prepare your event shipment. It will expedite post event tear-down and package drop-off. 

Venue Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Sponsorship Packages below for a complete breakdown of allotted attendees, depending on your package level.

Golf Attire
Our theme is 1960’s Palm Royale – we encourage you to dress up, but it is not mandatory.

We are expecting 144 golfers total this year. About 70 of which will be customers. We also anticipate hosting additional customers at the Receptions.

We strongly request that all swag lies within our theme for the event: 1960’s Palm Royale/Beach related themed items are all accepted.

*Please plan enough swag for 144 Golfers

Hole Sponsors: There will be a 10x10ft pop-up tent for shade, 1 6ft. table, and 2 chairs at each hole. Please bring any swag you’d like to hand out. Games are HIGHLY encouraged!

*Please plan enough swag for 144 Golfers

– All Hole Sponsors will be receiving their own Golf Cart for the day. You may utilize this to bring swag/supplies to your hole, ride to the restroom, etc. to ensure you’re not stranded! 

– EVOTEK has obtained an ABC liquor license which covers all our vendors and sponsors in the event you’d like to supply your hole with beer, seltzers, or alcohol.
*(Our license covers this event only).


J/R Mendoza, jrmendoza@evotek.com, (732) 718-3666

Tawny Malouf, tawny@evotek.com, (925) 949-6679

Anna Richter, arichter@evotek.com, (951) 813-8629


Jose Fernandez-Stoll, jfernandez-stoll@evotek.com, (760) 310-6797

Brian Jones, brian.jones@evotek.com, (303) 319-1740

Mistie Saldua, msaldua@evotek.com, (909) 438-1332

Brandon Drechsler, bdrechsler@evotek.com, (541) 285-8611

Hole Sponsors: Hole Assignments

Additional Details

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