Transition to a Future of Intelligent Automation

Make the first move the right move.

Today’s savvy enterprises let humans do the intelligent work and bots do the manual work. EVOTEK’s IA experts come alongside your team to speed the transition from today’s manual reality towards your automated future.

Automation Offerings

Our process experts have collectively automated hundreds of thousands of processes across IT, Finance, HR, Learning, Marketing and Risk and Compliance and Business Operations (Healthcare, Insurance, Banking, Hospitality, Manufacturing, etc.)

Our RPA Engineers know the most popular automation applications, and when to leverage other automation strategies outside an RPA tool.

Our RPA Portfolio Managers understand the change management issues that come with automation. They are skilled at helping organizations understand that RPA is an opportunity to let humans do the intelligent work, and let robots do the manual work.

We have built Centers of Excellence for organizations needing to scale up their RPA program, and build the infrastructure necessary to manage 25, 50 or hundreds of deployed bots.

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Change management, unmet ROI objectives, enterprise integration and cultural alignment should not be hurdles on your automation journey, let’s get going.

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