Happy 8th Birthday, EVOTEK!

Years ago, I set an intention to build a company that had three main goals: As our company turns eight, I wanted to share and reflect on how those intentions shape the present and future at EVOTEK. In 2014, I started EVOTEK and envisioned a company that would provide a safe workplace for all our […]

Happy 7th Birthday, EVOTEK

If you had told me this time last year that we would still be adjusting our lives around a global pandemic, I wouldn’t have believed you. What an interesting year it has been for the EVOTEK community, the industry, and the world. For many business leaders, it has been a time to reflect on how much […]

Pandas, Bears, and the Supply Chain Risk

We have entered a new age of cybercrime and data breaches, and to say we are dealing with a complicated environment would be a tremendous understatement. As we look at the current state of information security, we confront threat actors that are patient and extremely strategic, whether from choosing their TTPs or the targeting of […]

The Automation Journey

In this blog series we explored a handful of today’s most pressing automation topics. Of course, there are many other areas across enterprises where automation is driving profound change, like IT operations, the Internet of Thing (IoT), data analytics, business resilience, governance, and compliance. We focused on defining the three levels of automation (i.e., low-level […]

The Case for Security Automation

TEKnically Speaking – Automation, Part 3 We live in an inordinately distracting world. Applications we use both professionally and personally clammer for our attention. Every new email, Tweet, post, chat, or message comes with its unique chime calling us. Our professional lives blur into our personal lives with our smart phones functioning as a mini-office […]

Why a Proactive Approach Matters in DevOps Automation

TEKnically Speaking – Automation, Part 2 Normally I’d be reticent to use two terms that have multiple definitions in an interactive conversation, much less a blog post. However, since this post is part of a larger series, we’ve already covered the various ways automation is used as a term, so let’s define how we are […]

Cyber Resiliency: Are You Approaching Business & Security the Wrong Way?

A series of prominent events have changed the way that we think about how to approach our customer’s security posture. The 2020 Global pandemic changed how many people work – from their homes instead of offices – and forced us to think about what happens to business continuity (fundamentally resilience) plans when operators are unable to […]

Where Should You Start with Data Center Automation?

TEKnically Speaking – Automation, Part 1 When discussing automation in the data center, you can expect to hear any number of mixed responses.  Some have “been there, done that” with a modicum of success. Others have automated every piece of their workflow, down to the last detail. More often than not, however, IT professionals are […]

Welcome to TEKnically Speaking

In EVOTEK’s new quarterly TEKnically Speaking Series, we’ll feature a notable industry topic and explore its challenges, opportunities, trends, and insights through bi-weekly expert blogs, a complimentary webinar, and a deep-diving Lab Report. This first installment focuses on AUTOMATION… The Automation Journey Automation is one of the most pressing issues for today’s IT leaders. As […]

Remediation Steps for SolarWinds Orion

It’s no secret that recent headlines have consistently featured cyber-attacks on a variety of companies and industries. Last week’s FireEye breach was significant and represents what appears to be nation-state activity targeting our infrastructure using supply-chain attack(s). By-product(s) of this attack are surfacing with each passing day. Yesterday – one of these by-products, affecting the […]