Zoom Backgrounds

Zoom Backgrounds

Elevate the look of your online meeting with this exclusive download of EVOTEK-branded Zoom backgrounds. Download and unpack – several variations to choose from.

Company Pitch Deck

EVOTEK is North America’s premier enabler of digital business. With offerings across an integrated set of technical domains, spanning advisory services, architecture, engineering, and strategic sourcing, EVOTEK provides a cohesive approach to digital initiatives while driving business impact.

LinkedIn Banners

Elevate your professional image with our exclusive download of LinkedIn banners designed to seamlessly integrate your profile with your company’s branding. Present yourself as a true brand ambassador by customizing your LinkedIn profile with eye-catching visuals that align with your organization’s colors, logo, and overall aesthetic. Impress colleagues, clients, and potential employers with a polished and cohesive online presence that showcases your commitment to your company’s values and brand identity. Stand out from the crowd and project a strong, professional image with our easy-to-use LinkedIn banner templates, tailored to enhance your personal brand within the context of your organization’s visual identity. Download now and elevate your LinkedIn profile to new heights of professionalism and personal branding.

EVOTEK Giving Foundation Logo & Brand Guidelines

Use the DOWNLOAD button to get a complete logo kit package including logo and font.

Please use the following brand guidelines as a set of rules and instructions that ensure the consistent use of a brand’s visual and messaging elements across all channels and touchpoints. They are essential for building a strong, recognizable brand identity that resonates with consumers and creates a lasting impression.