Cloud costs are unpredictable, lack transparency, siloed across teams, and are inefficiently managed, leading to wasted spending and misalignment with business priorities.

Detecting Artificial Intelligence

The urgency to recognize the origin of digital content is spawning many detection solutions. As generative artificial intelligence detectors overcome current limitations, they will attempt to keep pace with sophisticated generative model development.

Generative AI

With overwhelming demand for tailored content and personalized experiences, coupled with resource-intensive data simulation and augmentation, businesses face a tough balancing act between innovation and efficiency in today’s digital era.

The Road to Decentralized Identity

As society increasingly relies on digital services, identity management becomes increasingly vital. Decentralized identity offers a novel approach to address today’s identity challenges, putting users in control of their own digital identities and personal data.

User Application Security

The exponential increase in cyber threats targeting users via email and the increased attack surface introduced by remote and hybrid work, makes balancing safety and productivity a challenge

GRC Automation

Managing governance, risk, and compliance processes across an organization is difficult due to manual tasks, siloed departments, and inconsistent approaches.

Conversational AI

Call agents have finite knowledge, limited bandwidth, and encounter language barriers leading to reduced customer satisfaction, longer call times, increased costs, and call agent churn.

Log Optimization

Today’s enterprise IT and security operations increasingly rely on log data but face growing costs and increasing manual maintenance.


Current identity architectures require Solution multiple products across cloud, on-prem, and edge. These architectures rely heavily on
passwords, considerable manual administration, and contribute to user friction.