NIST CSF Assessment

In the current landscape of ongoing cyber threats, a NIST CSF Maturity & Security Program Assessment allows a customer to evaluate relevant
cybersecurity programs with an authoritative framework.

Engineered Solutions

Increasingly, enterprise resources require a build that incorporates greater agility and faster deployment cycles. The last thing you want to delay your project are limitations imposed by an OEM supply lag or ISV dictates. The Engineered Solutions model that EVOTEK brings to market centers on custom and purpose-built systems configurations that meet the exact customer workload.

Architecture as a Service

A technology solution is only as strong as its foundation. Building a scalable foundation for digital initiatives requires the right architects with the right experience to bring together the right teams and tools to work harmoniously.

Powerpoint Template

Please use this powerpoint template when creating any company related presentation material. If you need any assistance or have any requests feel free to reach out to the Marketing team.

Log Optimization

Today’s enterprise IT and security operations increasingly rely on log data but face growing costs and increasing manual maintenance.


Current identity architectures require Solution multiple products across cloud, on-prem, and edge. These architectures rely heavily on
passwords, considerable manual administration, and contribute to user friction.

High Performance Compute

Whether optimizing protein folding, studying population-level genomics, or training autonomous driving models; the need for high-speed
computation is paramount.

Edge Trends

By 2025, more data will be created at the edge than in the core. This existing shift in data gravity increases the need for edge compute and connectivity, and a new generation of solutions to secure and manage the edge.

Explainability of User Requirement

As the cap abilities of artificial intelligence(AI) systems constantly grow, so too does their complexity. The explainability toward their users is gaining attention, becoming a requirement that these systems should satisfy. We articulate user requirements for explainable AI systems.

Digital Self

Digital interactions are taking on a more human-like appearance and behavior, but could or should they become our digital selves?