Company Overview

When it comes to enterprise integration services, putting the customer first is not enough. Beyond simply adhering to a process, EVOTEK meets a greater challenge: following a build-out process while being operationally flexible enough to meet the customer in their current flow.

Strategic Sourcing

EVOTEK partners with our clients to free up engineering cycles and quickly, painlessly, and confidently select the best fit tooling. We help clients find balance between vendor consolidation, best-of-breed, and vendor diversity, to support your business objectives. We then work with your sourcing team to optimize contract terms and spend.

Application Runtime Optimization

The EVOTEK Application Runtime Optimization offering, powered by Granulate an Intel company, continuously and automatically learns an application’s specific resource usage patterns and data flow
to identify contended resources, bottlenecks, and prioritization opportunities. Then it optimizes on the runtime level to achieve performance improvements that lead to cost reduction.

SEC Cybersecurity Readiness Assessment

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed rule changes to add cyber incidents, risk management, and governance as reporting categories for Forms 8-K and 10-K. The changes build on and increase the reporting requirements in previously published directives from 2011 and 2018. Our assessment offering can help organizations determine their current programs and operational capabilities and build a proactive roadmap to prepare for and align with these new regulations.

Virtualization Subscription

The EVOTEK Virtualization Subscription Service is designed to elevate your focus on the various key aspects of your operations, rather than be mired in the depths of performing Virtualization maintenance. Our Virtualization Subject Matter Experts gain expertise from performing specific tasks most engineers do periodically, sometimes only once a year. This familiarity leads
to smoother processes for your company than would typically occur when performing Virtualization maintenance with internal resources. Our Virtualization Engineering Subscription Service matches top Virtualization talent providing targeted & strategic solutions to virtualization challenges.

Microsoft Engineered Solutions

The EVOTEK Microsoft Subscription Service is designed to maximize your investment in supporting tasks within your Microsoft technology stack. Our engineers understand the adjacencies to other technologies and provide expert advice regarding these integrations as well as technical configurations. The Microsoft Subscription Service helps offload much of the difficulty keeping up with vulnerabilities and exploits that are frequently identified and require constant patching, maintenance, and at times redesign work.

Security Program Assessment

Modern and evolving businesses are seeing a greater dependence on technology for their daily operations as well as their go to market strategies. Organizations are adapting quickly to pursue technology-driven opportunities, and this brings challenges
and opportunities for Improvement across the entire business. EVOTEK’s Security Program Assessment provides a holistic approach that provides cross-functional visibility and reduces silos to align a client’s security with their business goals.

Network Assessments

The EVOTEK Network Assessment serves to evaluate and analyze the unique set of network technologies, the architecture and design elements required to operate in the most operationally optimal, reliable and secure network infrastructure. The goals of the assessment are to identify any currently existing problems within operational state, any potential misconfigurations and deviations from industry-standard and vendor best-practices.

Getting Started with EVOTEK

EVOTEK provides cross-functional solutions with offerings that span an integrated set of technical domains. By working between the business and IT we can facilitate alignment, reduce functional silos, and focus on business objectives not internal politics. Our integrated technical domains provide a cohesive approach to digital initiatives while driving business impact. EVOTEK provides a clear path for clients looking to bring their various teams together to execute an integrated solution with security at the core.

Executive Advisory

It’s a huge challenge – getting the best information to develop a business-aligned security program or when faced with overhauling an existing security project. That’s where the advisory power of our vCISO or vBISO comes in.