Incident Response

Given the current cyber landscape, companies must have an adequate response to cyber events. Board of Directors inquiries, regulatory and compliance requirements, and the escalating frequency of businesses becoming victims of cybersecurity
incidents are just a few reasons for an efficient and effective incident response program.

Engineered Solutions

Increasingly, enterprise resources require a build that incorporates greater agility and faster deployment cycles. The last thing you want to delay your project are limitations imposed by an OEM supply lag or ISV dictates. The Engineered Solutions model that EVOTEK brings to market
centers on custom and purpose-built systems configurations that meet the exact customer workload.

Architecture as a Service

A technology solution is only as strong as its foundation. Building a scalable foundation for digital initiatives requires the right architects with the right experience to bring together the right teams and tools to work harmoniously.

Ransomware Assessment

EVOTEK’s Ransomware Assessment takes a holistic, whole-of enterprise review of an organization’s ability to address the risks associated with ransomware.