GRC Automation

Managing governance, risk, and compliance processes across an organization is difficult due to manual tasks, siloed departments, and inconsistent approaches.

Conversational AI

Call agents have finite knowledge, limited bandwidth, and encounter language barriers leading to reduced customer satisfaction, longer call times, increased costs, and call agent churn.

Log Optimization

Today’s enterprise IT and security operations increasingly rely on log data but face growing costs and increasing manual maintenance.


Current identity architectures require Solution multiple products across cloud, on-prem, and edge. These architectures rely heavily on
passwords, considerable manual administration, and contribute to user friction.

High Performance Compute

Whether optimizing protein folding, studying population-level genomics, or training autonomous driving models; the need for high-speed
computation is paramount.

Edge Trends

By 2025, more data will be created at the edge than in the core. This existing shift in data gravity increases the need for edge compute and connectivity, and a new generation of solutions to secure and manage the edge.

Emerging Data Trends

Data has forever been an ever-changing staple of the enterprise technology ecosystem. As technologies evolve, data volumes have increased, sources diversified, and response time demands have plummeted. This requires heightened data quality and consistency, as any impediment to data analysis undermines accurate business decisions. Additionally, mishandling or inappropriate data access opens up a host of bad actor threats and non-compliance with regulations.

Cost Optimization

Remote workforce transitions created Solution massive SaaS subscriptions while public cloud use has exploded beyond what controls can manage.
These trends are causing runaway costs, increased attack surface, and an untenable operational load.

Customer Experience

Today, online consumers are willing to pay a premium for an enhanced experience and conversely are quick to seek a competitor when they have a negative customer experience.