The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

One of my favorite things about working for EVOTEK is that our culture attracts, cultivates, and promotes top talent with diverse backgrounds. I’m consistently amazed with my interactions between me and my colleagues. Not to use a cliché, but so obvious that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The industry is shrinking and companies are struggling to retain top talent. 

With unemployment at record lows many employers are finding themselves facing intense competition for talent. Even worse, retaining talent is harder than it has ever been. So often we hear stories on the mismatch between the needs of employers and the availability of skilled labor. This shortage is becoming more pressing as digitally transformative technologies are increasing the pace at which employers and employees must adapt and grow their skills. Many employers resort to paying a strong premium to find the resources they need, often relying on contractors to compensate for skilled labor shortage. At the same time, highly skilled workers are rapidly jumping from opportunity to opportunity seeking out the highest compensation for their skills. Ultimately this creates a negative feedback loop where top talent and employers view their relationship as transactional, allowing short-termism to prosper.

Train for Success

To me the solution is obvious – employers can grow the talent they need. Employers could focus on their employees’ personal and professional development. Rather than betting on a new hire to “hit the ground running”, investing in employees could completely change the dynamic. There are employees in every company who possess great aptitude and are capable of contributing to a growing business – if only presented with the opportunity. Creating a culture where employees feel empowered to grow, learn and contribute can often do more for the long-term health and growth of the company they work for. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment that promotes an engaging atmosphere where top performers can interact with like-minded colleagues?

EVOTEK has been a leading example of how training can cultivate the top talent into a world-class dominant force. 

Invest in training

A great way to cultivate talent and provide opportunity is to invest in employee training. This can often be the fundamental differentiator between success and growth vs failure and stagnation. This is an area where I have experienced first-hand just how transformative training opportunities can be for success. I’m fortunate that this is an area where my current employer, EVOTEK, excels. Not one to sit back and enjoy the status quo, I’m someone who finds value in seizing opportunity. At EVOTEK this has come in abundance. When I am not tackling a highly complex customer challenge, I have access to a wealth of training opportunities, each is an opportunity to improve my own skill or in some cases gain a new one. This culture is critical to transform talented individuals into top performers. `

My sincere appreciation goes to EVOTEK for leading the industry and setting an example of how to build a different business, full of vested employees, dedicated to the success of our customers. Maybe the industry will wake up and follow.

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