A Common Sense Approach to Partnership

I just completed my second week at EVOTEK and am so proud to be at a company that has taken #Transparency to a whole new level. Last week, I had 20 meetings with customers and partners. We told our story, over and over. We explained why we created EVOTEK and why we are different than every other integrator on the planet. When I paused to take it all in, I found myself feeling like everything we were talking to customers about was common sense. However, the feedback we got was like we created a whole new dimension in our industry. That was the exact moment I realized that what we are creating is brilliant. Common sense, but brilliant.

Any one of the integrators out in the market can claim they have the best people, or they pay well, or they have a big customer base. We can too! But our reality is far beyond that. We have built a business model that engages employees in a way that is unheard of in this business.

Our company sets aside 35% of corporate profits to share between customer facing employees. This means, the face of EVOTEK (customer facing employees) have a vested interest in our company’s image, success and brand.

TOP TALENT  — We have a commitment to bringing in A-talent. Every manufacturer I met had an interest in working with us specifically because of the talent we have attracted. 2/3 of all future hires will be engineers, to help us meet our commitment of delighting our customers. We’ll have local engineers in each of our markets — crazy to me that this is a differentiator.

STRATEGY  — We are focused on building long-term partnerships with a small group of customers….15–20 per region. Scaling an organization may create more revenue and still be less profitable for its employees. We want to be very deep with a small number of enterprise customers, with interest and investment on both sides.

DIGITAL  — In our space, we are uniquely talking about the digital disruption that is taking place. Every board room around the world has a discussion around digital, getting into adjacent spaces and transforming business models — this is happening because technology has paved the way for companies that are “born digital” to disrupt 100 year old industries. Our team is equipped to have this discussion and working with customers to make the journey to digital, third-platform and cloud. The legacy business of selling hardware and software to outfit data centers is not dead yet— but it’s dying.

EVOTEK only exists because it is needed. We have a lot of customers and prospects cheering us on to succeed. There is much work to do, but we’re confident in our ability to build something special that will ultimately contribute to our customers’ success. The one thing that blows me away, is nothing about this is complicated or proprietary, it’s common sense.

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