Protecting our People and our Community

EVOTEK has discouraged all non-essential travel for employees. There are no expected impacts to EVOTEK’s ability to support our customers. All conference attendance has been suspended. A business continuance pandemic task force created to assist employees, customers and partners. Business continuance plans have been requested from our OEM’s to share with our customers. EVOTEK is […]

Our Road to a Billion

I started writing this article back in January 2019, with the intention of publishing immediately following our Innovation Summit held in Miami. During our opening session (and following my karaoke performance of the Humpty Dance), I shared with the company, my view of our road to a billion dollars in revenue. So, why did I wait to publish this […]

“Fate, it seems, is not without its sense of irony”

I saw the 20th year anniversary showing of The Matrix in the theater a few weeks back with my wife. The movie is credited both as one of the greatest confirmations of conspiracy theories of all time, as well as the birth of revolutionary technology that now is commonly used every day. Working in tech, I remember […]

EVOTEK Kick’s off 2019: Welcomes its Newest Partners

A highlight of each year is to announce and invite new partners to our group. This year we highlighted the success of EVOTEK and the success of our partner program. EVOTEK breached $150M at the conclusion of our 4th year in business. Most of our peers in this space took 15 or 20 years to become this […]

You Don’t Quit Jobs, You Quit Bosses!

From the moment I started leading teams, I was attracted to the top performers. (yeah, I know, spoken like a true sales leader). But for me, it wasn’t their performance that was the attraction…it was their thought process, the way they approach their customers, a project, their life. A top performer has special set of skills […]

A Celebration of Women – 2018

I began my career with Sun Microsystems and was paired with a few senior Account Managers. I was also assigned a mentor who was a veteran marketing executive making her debut in sales, Shannon Bradley. I remember Shannon as sharp, fast and wildly successful. She was super-creative, and I watched her do amazing things, that the other […]

EVOTEK Kicks Off 2018: Welcomes its Newest Partners

EVOTEK just completed our 3rd fiscal year in 2017. The company has 65 employees and over 60 contractors. It is hard to believe that only three short years ago, EVOTEK was an idea, or more specifically, a concept. “It all came down to employee engagement. It all came down to recognition. It all came down to […]

I Climbed the Ladder to Find it was Against the Wrong Wall

July marks my 1-year mark at EVOTEK. It’s apropos that I came across this article, “Why Good People Leave Large Tech Companies.” This article exposes some of the differences between a founding CEO running a large company…and a large company CEO running a grown up start-up; and how culture can be destroyed if mishandled. I liked […]


I was talking with my wife the other morning, in preparation for a presentation I was asked to deliver at the California Tech Conference. She reminded me of that cliché that I am sure you all have heard, “it’s not like we are saving lives!” She then said, she didn’t agree with that. “Leadership does save lives,” […]

What gets measured gets done!

One of the most important activities I like to take my teams through is planning or once called victory planning (thanks Jay Tyler). For those of you that know me or worked with me will understand…..for those of you that haven’t, I will share a few ideas. The planning process is a minimum full day exercise, bottoms […]