An Hour of Opportunity

One of the unique things about EVOTEK is the opportunity for every employee to earn a spot in our partner program. Being a Partner is an opportunity to help steer the direction of the business, participate in the inner workings of the organization, and being a growth catalyst for our customers. My personal journey to partner included making a jump from a very comfortable position as one of the top performers within a good organization into the unknown to build a services organization within a small scrappy startup with what I believed to be great vision and a lot of heart. The ensuing two and a half years have been an incredible journey with many challenges, learning opportunities, and milestones and have yielded incredible personal and financial growth. While it wasn’t the easy path, it has certainly been a remarkable and enjoyable one.

This summer I felt there was another hour of opportunity at hand—making a move out of my comfort zone in beautiful Southern California to the heat and bright lights of Las Vegas. As a Partner and leader within the organization a move away from headquarters may seem counterintuitive, but I believe there is tremendous opportunity for disruption through innovation within Nevada as it caters to user experience and disposable income. I approached our founder, Cesar Enciso, with my idea and desire to make a move and received full support.

EVOTEK has been on an incredible growth curve since its inception and I believe that it can be directly attributed to hiring the right people, believing in them to do what is right, and lastly supporting them in pursuing these opportunities. We are on the hunt for like minded individuals who want more out of their career and need someone to believe in them. There is never a “right” time, but this is an hour of opportunity in which a life changing decision can be made. It was absolutely the correct decision for me and if you are a driven and customer focused individual I am certain it’ll be the right place for you as well. Seize this opportunity and make EVOTEK the last job that you will ever have.

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