Technology in the Shape of You

I recently watched a TED Talk by Marc Kushner on how technology and social media have connected the general public to architects and how it has enabled a closed feedback loop for their business. Marc highlights a pendulum that swings between innovation and symbolism that has been accelerated to a blur through technology. so much so that […]

Earning the Right to Participate in the Customer Journey

Marriott’s CEO Arne Sorenson was recently quoted saying “We are in an absolute war for who owns the customer.” and highlighted the threat that tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc. present to hospitality organizations. This war is over one thing – owning the user data. As a consumer who wants to assert ownership over their own data, […]

An Hour of Opportunity

One of the unique things about EVOTEK is the opportunity for every employee to earn a spot in our partner program. Being a Partner is an opportunity to help steer the direction of the business, participate in the inner workings of the organization, and being a growth catalyst for our customers. My personal journey to […]

A Different Kind of Company

This morning I was reflecting on our Sales Kickoff and mentally recapping some of the highlights: Mandatory meetings to recap last year and kick off this year? Check. Spending time with vendors who support us and get to know them better? Check. Free flowing beverages? Check. Party with coworkers and significant others? Check. Significant others? […]

The Spark of Innovation

This week was one of those weeks where I had the opportunity to witness one of the most personally rewarding things in my job and the greatest reason that I do what I do – I saw that spark that lit up my customer’s world. We were sharing a narrative of how we could go about […]

The Rise of the Machine Learning Solutions

Heading into Aruba Atmosphere this year I was most excited to see Aruba’s new Niara solution in action and learn more about this product as it solves a very real need in every network. Inherently any network policy grants some sort of access to the network and users are free to work within the confines of that […]

Five Best Practices for Creating Meaningful Mobile Engagement

Engaging customers via their mobile devices is an exciting proposition for many organizations; however, it has to be done with care. These solutions often carry a significant cost and depend on a Return on Investment (ROI) model to make sense. Achieving this ROI requires walking a fine line between meaningful engagement and being a nuisance. […]