Happy 9th Birthday, EVOTEK!

As we quickly close in on our first decade in business, I am in complete awe with what we have accomplished.  Numbers, growth, and accolades aside, for me, the standout has been our culture and our people.  When I started EVOTEK my goal was to build a business founded on conscious capitalism where employees felt safe […]

Happy 8th Birthday, EVOTEK!

Years ago, I set an intention to build a company that had three main goals: As our company turns eight, I wanted to share and reflect on how those intentions shape the present and future at EVOTEK. In 2014, I started EVOTEK and envisioned a company that would provide a safe workplace for all our […]

Happy 7th Birthday, EVOTEK

If you had told me this time last year that we would still be adjusting our lives around a global pandemic, I wouldn’t have believed you. What an interesting year it has been for the EVOTEK community, the industry, and the world. For many business leaders, it has been a time to reflect on how much […]

Leadership is Protecting People and Culture During Challenging Times

I started EVOTEK partially because I believed there was a better way to support customers. And partially, I was amazed to see business owners in this industry who used their company (and people) as an ATM to support their own expensive habits of buying yachts, airplanes, and wineries. These were my reasons in good times. But what […]

Happy Birthday EVOTEK!

Yes, 5 years has past… How many 5-year old companies can claim to have over $200M in bookings? How many of those did it without gobs and gobs of venture money? How many of those can claim 4-years in a row to be recognized for culture? Or received over 2 dozen prestigious industry awards? Should […]

Speaking up Against Corporate Bullies: Part I

Thank you to everyone that reached out. I received numerous messages last week and it speaks volumes to how broad our support base is….it means the world to me. With that, I decided it was worth sharing what compelled me to post what I did last week. Because, for me I was fine….but, metaphorically, that was […]

EVOTEK Turns 4

EVOTEK was a concept only a few short years ago. From Concept to over $100M, is beyond what I could ever have expected in such a short period of time. After all, me and a few others founded a VAR. VAR — a dying category. So, why did we create a company in a dying category, […]

The Last Job You Will Ever Have

Bold statement. Bold company. I frequently get asked about EVOTEK and how it is possible that we have grown as fast as we have. As proud as I am of getting asked that question, growth was not the initial vision for EVOTEK. The question I really like answering is why I created EVOTEK. Understanding WHY I created […]

The True Meaning of Private Equity Buying up Value Added Reseller’s

Considering the current trend of Private Equity snatching up Value Added Resellers, I thought I would share my opinion on what this means for companies being purchased, their employees, and their customers. Let’s start with a question: Why does PE buy any asset? PE firms are able to identify undervalued assets. ‘Undervalued’ can mean the sum of the […]

Time For A New Playbook!

“Why are you in this business?” A simple question I like to ask when I interview account managers and system engineers from the industry. The answer I consistently hear is they have chosen this path to build financial independence for their family. Following this question, I consistently hear frustration. Frustration in the cut-throat culture that is encouraged […]