Speaking up Against Corporate Bullies: Part I

Thank you to everyone that reached out. I received numerous messages last week and it speaks volumes to how broad our support base is….it means the world to me. With that, I decided it was worth sharing what compelled me to post what I did last week. Because, for me I was fine….but, metaphorically, that was me shaking my head at the petty side of humanity.

I heard again, like the 100’s of times before, negativity being spread on un-truths. I am incredibly proud of EVOTEK, our people and our culture. Let’s park culture for a moment.

For the record, none of my former employers have ever filed litigation against me or EVOTEK. If you are being told that by your executives or anyone else, they are not being honest.  [Culture] 

This is easy to prove and if anyone wanted to do some homework, filed litigation is a public record and the truth can be obtained online. In addition, if you did the homework, you would see what’s actually happening. And if you are like me, it’s sickening what out-of-touch, bullies do to others when they lack a moral compass. [Culture]

EVOTEK on the other hand embraces employees when they move on. We put an enourmous effort on culture to ensure our performers don’t leave. EVOTEK is not for everyone….but if they do leave, we congratulate them publicly, provide references upon request and arrange a going away happy hour. We value culture so much, we would rather an employee be happy somewhere else, than have them be unhappy here. That’s probably why we have had very low voluntary attrition since the inception of our company. [Culture]

I believe there is plenty of opportunity to go around. We teach our kids to defend those who need it against bullies. Corporate America is not any different. Employee fellowship is earned not demanded. It takes love, not threats to create loyalty. There is no need for lies and FUD to be part of the playbook. It’s weak and unnecessary.

We will always focus on the way in which we treat our employees, as it is reflective of our values. [Culture]

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