The Time of My Life

I just received my partner watch as a gift from the existing partners of EVOTEK. What an honor to receive such beautiful timepiece; and to be officially welcomed into this great company. The Panerai is a symbol and acknowledgment that each of us could be doing something else, but choose to spend our time at EVOTEK. We […]

Enterprise Software is Dead

Well, not dead….but certainly dying as we know it. Without software (and hardware for that matter), our connected world wouldn’t function…so let’s call it dramatically changing. We have seen hardware over the past decade spiral into a commodity, with prices in tow. We are now witnessing high value enterprise software in decline, moving towards SaaS and pricing following […]

An Elite Set of Skills

This past week, I had a late-night conversation with a colleague about leadership. We were discussing different type of account managers, and went deeper in the ones that are extraordinary at some things, but just plain non-compliant at basic parts of the job. I am sure you know the type. They have the most amazing ability […]

The Most Important Job, and It’s Not Mine

Being an American expatriate, with a family on assignment, can be a rewarding personal and professional experience. For us, it definitely was. As exotic as it sounds, living abroad doesn’t come without a significant amount of sacrifice. Sacrifice of time. Sacrifice of heath. Sacrifice of relationships with friends and family. In almost all instances, the […]

“Be Jeff or Go Home!”

Immediately after beginning my assignment leading Latin America, and after celebrating the new job and all the accolades that will come with the position……reality set in. The job was to make the noise stop, in a declining business. No funding for growth (or my ideas). Not much support. So much for building something great?!? I […]

A Common Sense Approach to Partnership

I just completed my second week at EVOTEK and am so proud to be at a company that has taken #Transparency to a whole new level. Last week, I had 20 meetings with customers and partners. We told our story, over and over. We explained why we created EVOTEK and why we are different than […]

Leaders Often Forget Whom They Serve

Today is my first day at EVOTEK. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve a new community, a new group of employees, and a new group of customers. I am in my favorite part of the world, San Diego, California and attended my first meeting in jeans and flip flops. What a different […]