I just received my partner watch as a gift from the existing partners of EVOTEK. What an honor to receive such beautiful timepiece; and to be officially welcomed into this great company. The Panerai is a symbol and acknowledgment that each of us could be doing something else, but choose to spend our time at EVOTEK.

We are creating something special, and in our own image; a company that cares about the success of our customers and the success of our people. The pace of change in our industry is increasing at a rate that our world has never seen. New technology and innovation are enabling new routes to market, new business models and new market leaders. Our company is built on the premise: to be relevant in the new digital economy, we must identify and educate on next-generation technology. We need to support our customers as they draft with the shift from the traditional data center to the hybrid environment; while exploiting consumption purchase models.

This symbolism got me thinking deeply about my career and my life. I have walked a path, personally and professionally that prepared me for this moment, and ultimately brought me here. Any different decision, any different circumstance, any different result, I’d be somewhere else……we all would. There is much to do, much growth ahead and much to learn, but that is what makes working with such a talented team so much fun. There is no where else in the world I would rather be…than in Southern California, with my family and working with my dear friends at EVOTEK.

Truly, the time of my life.

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