White-Glove Service – Why it Matters Now More than Ever

In a world where innovation is measured in months, not years, providing superior customer service is more important than ever before. You need to know that you are getting a truly custom solution designed to meet your needs and the support necessary to keep things running smoothly. Our customers know that when they choose to work with us, they can expect true white-glove service, not just checklists.

What “White Glove” Really Means

EVOTEK may be known for our “white glove” approach to service, but what does that really entail? While many companies claim to offer world-class customer service, few actually tailor that experience to each client’s specific needs. At EVOTEK, nothing is outside of our process, and every solution we create is unique, not just a checklist or a menu of a la carte options to choose from.

Every team member works hard to provide our customers with the best possible tailored experience; That is why all clients have direct access to and enjoy engagement from our executive team.

We’ve Got the Experts to Support Your Needs

We pride ourselves on our diverse team pulled from a large variety of disciplines. By bringing different areas of expertise together, we are able to collaborate between different silos, allowing us to innovate and create truly custom solutions based on the latest and greatest technologies available.

There are so many different companies that sell tech, but the channel itself is incredibly siloed, with many companies only offering expertise in a single area. We created EVOTEK because we wanted to bring experts from many areas of expertise together to create the best possible solutions for our clients and to approach every problem holistically. Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we are able to draw on our extensive collective experience to create unique and comprehensive solutions that meet those needs.

Our Engineer in Residence Program

Should you require ongoing, on-site assistance, EVOTEK offers an engineer in residence program, allowing our clients to opt into having an EVOTEK engineer stationed on-site. The engineer is able to help you get the most out of your solution and troubleshoot any issues as soon as they arise.

Ongoing Support

Our team follows up with every customer to ensure the transition to your new solution goes as smoothly as possible. We provide as much or as little assistance you want, and ongoing support is always available.

More than Just a Checklist

We don’t tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Instead, we sit down with you to determine precisely what you want, how you would like us to approach the task at hand, how you want your products to arrive, and even how you need your items labeled. At EVOTEK, you aren’t just choosing products and services from an a la carte menu; we determine your needs and then craft a custom solution that meets them. No task is ever too large or too small.

How Our Strategic Partnership with Intel Benefits Customers

Access New Tech Months Before Your Competition

One factor that supports our white glove approach is our special relationship with Intel. Our team has direct access to Intel’s engineers, allowing us to offer new technologies up to 18 months before they are available on the broader market. This gives our customers a unique edge over their competitors.

We’re Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

EVOTEK is known for our customer support services, which are strengthened in part by our relationship with Intel. Our customers know that when they buy an Intel product through us, we are able to offer tailored on-site assistance.

This unique relationship means that we can bring Intel engineering to the table to support custom configurations and optimization opportunities, so your solution does precisely what you need it to do right from the start.

We’re always innovating, both from a technology and a customer service side. Most importantly, we want to offer an optimized experience and allow our customers to consume the technology the way they want. EVOTEK can customize not only the technology but the entire supply chain and consumption model the meets an Enterprise’s specific requirements.

In addition, linking the business objectives to the technology requirements allows our customers to take advantage of the newest Intel improvements in technology.  The outcome of these engagements has led to enhanced customer experiences and provide for a more robust ROI in the data center and in the cloud.

What can we help you with? Please contact our experienced team today for more information or to get started designing your custom solution.

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