Why Time Impacts Performance

It may be obvious that gaining access to cutting-edge technologies faster would improve the performance of your hardware and software, but what may be less obvious is how this accelerated access can help you set your business up for success.

The Changing Role of Technology in the Workplace

We’ve noticed a shift in how companies use technology in the last few years. Traditionally, most customers used technology mainly to support their internal IT services such as email, HR systems, and financial systems. The average worker didn’t really think much about the inner workings of the network unless something went wrong.

While email and financial reporting software continue to be essential, most organizations are increasingly leveraging technology to enhance their customer experience and interface directly with the individuals and companies purchasing their products or services. While this was traditionally done through a website, organizations are increasingly turning to custom apps to cultivate a bespoke customer experience; Offering a custom app has become a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Leveraging Performance & Time to Cement Market Share

Performance and time both matter because gaining access to a new technology sooner paired with that technology’s ability to improve performance gives you a leg up over any competitors that are planning a similar initiative. This allows you to grab market share sooner and better cement your brand. This can also increase your stock price, creating wealth for both your company and its employees, fueling capitalism both here in American and around the world.

How Having the Right Team Behind You Makes All the Difference

Even the best, most cutting-edge technology won’t live up to its potential if you don’t have a great team to help you determine how to leverage it effectively. At EVOTEK, we pride ourselves on our diverse staff and leadership, who bring extensive experience to the table from a variety of different areas of expertise. This includes security experts, modern enterprise IT professionals, hyper-scale customer-focused team members, project managers, and experienced customer service workers.

The diversity of our team is our strength, bringing a wide range of new perspectives to the table. Every member of our team has their own strengths and skills, and when we collaborate, it helps EVOTEK create the best possible customer experience.

EVOTEK Brings New Talent On Board with Acquisition of Mystic River Consulting

Our recent acquisition of Mystic River Consulting has allowed us to expand our services portfolio into Intelligent and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), bringing the EVOTEK team up to 130 employees. By adding these new and diverse perspectives and voices to our team, we have enhanced our ability to better serve our customers.

Both organizations bring years of excellent customer service to the table. We can now draw on that combined well of knowledge and compare notes on how we have addressed challenges in the past, and share the tailored solutions we came up with to meet those customer needs.

The Value of Customer Insights

One strategy we employ to gain valuable insight into our customers and their needs is to simply ask them. Every organization has an idea of what need their product or service fulfills for their customers, but that idea doesn’t always reflect reality on the customer side. That’s why whenever we work with a client, we ask them to explain what our product or service does for their organization specifically and ask how they feel we could improve.

By mobilizing our entire team to take this approach, EVOTEK as a whole gains extremely valuable insight into how our products and services are actually being used so we can improve and innovate accordingly.

How EVOTEK’s Relationship with Intel Benefits Our Customers

Intel is one of the largest technology manufacturers in the world, and their products are available through dozens of different organizations. However, what makes purchasing an Intel product through EVOTEK unique is the white glove service and expertise that comes with that purchase. Our extensive experience and large number of partnerships allow us to approach each problem holistically, drawing on a wide number of voices and perspectives to create the best possible tailored solution.

Some companies are simply interested in selling you a product or service; We want to work with you to make your business better by providing access to high-quality products produced by partners like Intel and get you that access as quickly as possible.

Our unique relationship with Intel means we can get our customers access to their newest technologies as much as 18 months before the competition; it also means that our team and our customers have direct access to Intel engineers. This unique arrangement means that we can discuss any challenges that arise directly with the teams creating this technology so we can find solutions faster.

The days of simply running applications for customers is over, and how companies purchase technology is changing. While it wasn’t uncommon in the past for customers to buy monolithic mainframes and mostly ignore them unless something went wrong, modern customers want to understand what is going on under the hood.

Understanding the underlying architecture that makes the apps and other software run is a vital step towards creating the best possible solution that continues to add value for your customers. Modern customers are more interested in experimenting and seeing what software works best on their hardware to meet their needs, creating a trend in the marketplace that sees clients relying on partners that can mix and match hardware and software to create tailored solutions.

For more information about our unique approach to customer service and our special relationship with Intel, or to get started on your next project, please contact our experienced team today.

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