How EVOTEK is transforming the common VAR Model from the inside out

EVOTEK has introduced an innovative business structure to the traditional VAR model that offers our employee-partners the opportunity to share our success. The model aligns the interests of our company and employees directly with those of our customers.

We have implemented employee-partner profit sharing. Our model allocates 35 percent of annual profits to a partnership pool. This pool is not tied to an account or territory, it is combined from all company activities. Annually this pool is shared amongst the partners, providing team members with significant upside for their efforts.

This partnership structure sets EVOTEK apart in some critical ways. First, it sets into motion a solutions-oriented team, committed to successful customer engagements across our entire territory. Rather than a collection of individuals with separate goals, our business model strongly encourages cooperation – resulting in an “all hands” approach to customer needs.

In turn, our customers receive a level of attention and expertise unique compared to the typical VAR engagement – instead of one or two sales reps trying to close their quarters in the black, EVOTEK brings clients real, tangible solutions for their environment that have been vetted by an experienced team with varied backgrounds within the enterprise data center space.

As a result, EVOTEK is creating an atmosphere in which success breeds success. When we provide our customers with a solid, established team that solves their problems efficiently and effectively, we become an important part of their environment and future planning. In essence, we become an instrumental partner rather than just another VAR.

Our industry has no shortage of companies claiming they’ve hired the best professionals or that they value customer success – but these companies also experience constant turnover, leading to unprofessional engagements and declining customer satisfaction. At EVOTEK our philosophy is simple: we believe re-investing company profits in our employee-partners is the best way to attract talent and keep it, spurring success from within and radiating out to our customers.

Coupled with our collaborative culture and dedication to customer satisfaction, EVOTEK’s partner sharing offers a unique opportunity to the industry’s most talented professionals. If you are interested in working with us and learning more about our non-traditional approach to the reseller space, please visit our Careers page.

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