Why the Old VAR Model Won’t Work in the New World

Have you ever been unsatisfied with your job because you consistently saw your boss being rewarded for your hard work?

Or have you ever worked at a company where the environment was stifled by a “me-first” attitude and you saw yourself and, most importantly, the customer suffer?!

If you find yourself shaking your head yes to any of these, then EVOTEK is for you!

EVOTEK has transformed the traditional VAR model from the inside out. They have not only drastically eliminated the “me first” mentality, but successfully empowered the “customer first” way of doing business.

How? Simple, EVOTEK doesn’t just invest in technology, it invests in its people. EVOTEK is rooted in the successful foundation of its employee-partners structure. This pioneering VAR model allocates thirty-five percent of all annual net sales profits into a shared pool that is then distributed back to the employee-partners.

What does this mean for you? As an employee-partner, you don’t just get paid once up-front on a deal, but you are then again rewarded when the profit pool gets shared!

But what if you aren’t a partner? EVOTEK has created something for everyone and has implemented a customer referral program, which provides opportunity to non-sales positions to benefit from the profits generated by the new business they brought in to the company.

How do we ensure our customers come first? An EVOTEK customer is provided with an “all hands on deck” approach to any and all requests, ensuring that tangible solutions are undoubtedly being brought forth and implemented. EVOTEK is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and offers marketing events, that aren’t filled with standard boring presentations, but focused on fostering genuine conversation.

The end result – EVOTEK is providing customers with top-tier solutions and services supported by an invested group of talented individuals who utilize all their combined skills.

By being able to equally distribute wealth without compromising the end users satisfaction, EVOTEK has proved their unique VAR structure has built a company that eats, sleeps and breaths growth, hard work, and motivation.

Want to be a part of this team? The time is now, technology and the industry is changing, you shouldn’t be stuck thinking you can’t make a difference.

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